Privacy Policy


Should you choose the Remember Me option when purchasing tickets, we store your name, email and phone number in a cookie on the computer that you used to access our site. The data in the cookie is encrypted.

We do not use cookies to track your behaviour or what sites you visit.

Personal Data

If you buy a ticket or membership, we store your name, email, phone number, ticket numbers, table number, membership number if required and your decision to receive our news letters. This is so that we can:

    1. contact you if something went wrong.
    2. email you your receipt and a link to reprint your tickets or membership card.
    3. reprint your tickets or membership card, should you misplace them or forget to bring them to the event.
    4. email you our news letters should you have chosen this option and have not rescinded your decision.
    5. email you Vernon Jazz Society meeting notifications and related materials, should have chosen to join the Society.

We do not sell, give or otherwise give access to your personal information to any third party and only use the information for the five (5) purposes listed

Credit Card information

Though we collect your credit card numbe.r expiry date and CVV code, we do not store this data. We transfer it to our Payment Processing partner, using 256 byte SSL encryption, so they can complete the payment process.